A Monumental Task For A Powerful Guy

“This is a dream come true. We want to be a Caribbean cultural destination,” says Yanick Martin, the director of the state’s regional tourism office, who owns an art gallery in downtown Jacmel.

Some of the group have been involved in Jacmel for some time, including Bello and New York film director David Belle who runs a film school in Jacmel, the Ciné Institute. Others, such as legendary designer Donna Karan and tennis star Venus Williams, were introduced to Haiti after the earthquake, along with Capponi.

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Whenever Michael Capponi finishes his great task, and it really is a monumental one, I’m sure that place is going to look so much nicer. I’ve seen what earthquakes can do to a place, and it isn’t pretty. It destroys people’s homes, and sometimes it takes people’s spirit and morale with them. When entire communities are wiped out, things can get really ugly. It’s horrible that things are still so poorly off over there, but at least some people who have the means are still interested in helping. If Capponi can pull through, Haiti might even have a really good tourism draw to it. From what it looks like, the guy knows how to run a club, and a well-run club is a hard thing to find. There’s more to tourism than the nightlife though, so it’s good that he sees value in restoring historic buildings. A nation’s history is always a treasure worth preserving.